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Welcome to the 2015 Credit Recovery Program website. This is a secure website and any information you share with us will be handled with care. You are here because you were sent a notification in the mail about your selected status through this Credit Recovery Program. In order to complete the process, we will need you to answer a few simple questions, about the vehicle you would like to purchase. You will NOT be asked for any personal credit information during this process and it takes less than 5 minutes.
We are excited to give you the opportunity to build upon your existing credit and help you locate the vehicle that best suits your needs. You were not selected randomly for this offer. We chose you for this offer based on the information in your recent credit history. We believe that if you are currently employed and your situation hasn’t changed drastically within the last few months, you could be driving down the road in your new car in no time at all.


What vehicle will you choose?
We know you are looking for that one perfect vehicle to fit your budget and meet your needs. So, all partner dealerships with the Credit Recovery Program have a large selection available. The dealership listed on your letter will have just the right vehicle for you. Even if they don’t have what you are looking for, they can probably get it and are the only dealer in your area with the proper training, banks and inventory to handle your special status.
EXCLUSIVE Dealership Partner Participation...


The Credit Recovery Program is an exclusive and unique offer which is available only through our partner dealerships. We partner with only one dealership per geographical region. Sometimes the partner dealership may be farther from your house than other dealerships, but we carefully select our partner dealers from the thousands of dealers across America. The partner dealership in your area will be listed on the letter you received in the mail.
We choose our partner dealerships based on three main criteria: inventory, lenders and sales staff.
Before we partner with a dealership we verify they have an above average selection of vehicles, both new and used. We make sure they have a wide selection of makes and models. They must have a broad range of vehicle types, cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Our participating dealers MUST demonstrate an above average number of banks and lenders available for customer financing and usually have the lowest rates in their area. 
When you visit a partner dealership, you will be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. All staff at partner dealerships are thoroughly trained on all new and used vehicles available on their lot.  You may have had bad experiences with high pressure sales tactics at other dealerships, but you will have a GREAT experience when you visit the dealership listed on the letter received.
To get started, REGISTER YOUR PIN CODE. This process is simple, convenient and you do not have to speak with a sales representative during the initial steps..


We know you are concerned about your privacy. The 2015 Credit Recovery Program only partners with secure dealers who will respect your privacy. Any information entered here or through our 1-855-781-6068 toll free phone system is safe and secure. 

We will NEVER ask you to provide personal credit information over the phone or a website. We feel this is not a secure way to find a new auto loan. Therefore, 2015 Credit Recovery Program representatives will NEVER request any credit information. Once you receive your selected amount and choose the vehicle you want to purchase at your local partnering dealership, you will then decide how to proceed with releasing your credit information.
The initial steps in the 2015 Credit Recovery Program are easy and stress free. To get started, simply REGISTER your personal pin code below. This process is simple, convenient and you do not have to speak with a sales representative. This will allow you to find out your selected amount and allow you to show up at the dealership as a buyer, not a browser.
Why you? 
Will I need to provide my social security number or run a credit check during this process?
No. You have been seleected based on a number of existing credit factors. Completing the process takes less than 5 minutes. You will NOT be asked any personal credit information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kim from Ohio
Purchased 2014 Kia Rio
I am so excited and relieved about being able to purchase a new vehicle. I was able to go into the dealership and walk out with my new car!! I would recommend this program and the team at Superior Kia to anyone looking!!
Johnny from Alabama
Purchased 2015 Kia Sedona
Thank you for extending the opportunity to me. My family and I will enjoy our family vacation in June. We are driving to Martha's Vineyard in my brand new Kia Sedona Lx!






What kind of inventory can I see? 
All our partnering dealerships have a large inventory selection for you to review. In most cases if they do not have what you are looking for, they can get it. 
Why use the Credit Recovery Program?
The purpose of the Credit Recovery Program is to give people that have had a difficult time getting financed for an auto loan, or thought their credit score was too low to qualify for financing, the possibility of purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle in these tough economic times. 
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Validate your personal Credit Recovery Program pin code for program participation.
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You must be wondering why you were selected for the Credit Recovery Program. Well, the purpose of this program is to give people that have had a difficult time getting financed for an auto loan, or thought their credit score was too low to qualify for financing, the possibility of purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle in these tough economic times.
You were selected out of literally hundreds of thousands of people to participate in this unique opportunity to purchase a new or used vehicle. To get started, simply register personal PIN code below.